Thinking and Feeling with the Marshall Islands is a window installation created by Anita Chang and featuring the works of her Communication students at Cal State East Bay in her 2022 Ecomedia course. Chang brings her work-in-progress documentary Her Excellency on women leaders, with the video poem of Nang Hlaing, memes of Cindy Kim, and the poetry of Brooklyn Aguilar, Adriana Fimbres, Lyanne Nisperos, David Oronos, Alexis Peck, and Alexandria Sepulveda. Together, these works explore what it means to think and feel with the Marshall Islands and broadly, as inspired by poet scholar Craig Santos Perez, the “Anthopocene (Pacific) islands.” How do we also imagine what decolonizing the Anthropocene might look like in order to manifest differently?

Special thanks to

Ariel Zaccheo & Fara Akrami at ATA, Katayoun Bahrami, David Goldberg, Trisha Lagaso Goldberg, Hilda Heine, Evelyn Joseph, Marie Maddison, Carolina Quintanilla at SOMArts, Tanvi Shah, Tosh Tanaka, Veronica Torres, Yone Wase, Megan Wilson, and to my students

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